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Dreambaby Magnetic Sure Close Gate, Silver

Having a safety gate in the house for keeping your toddlers and pets safe could be very rewarding, until one day, you forget the close the gate while moving through it. It’s that one moment of carelessness that can lead to an accident at your home – something no one wants to see. If this is a scenario that keeps you awake at nights, what you need is a Dreambaby Magnetic Sure-Close gate for your home.

This gate, made from metal and silver in color, is extremely versatile and can be used anywhere in the house. It fits in perfectly with your décor and your architecture whether you want to use the Dreambaby Magnetic Sure-Close gate to seal off a doorway, a hallway or any other entrance.


The unique feature of this gate is that you can be sure that the built-in magnet inside the gate will automatically come into work each time you move through the gate. So, even if you forget to actually close the gate behind you, it will automatically shut on itself, leaving you with no worry on your mind. Not only will the door close behind you, but the latch will also automatically lock itself down until you need to open the gate again.

The Dreambaby Magnetic Sure-Close gate can be opened in both directions, and has two locks that you can operate on two sides of the gate. You can use both, or select one to be used at all times. Besides, there is an optional 3rd lock that you can use just to be extra safe.

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This particular safety gate can fit openings ranging from 30 inches to 32.5 inches; if you have an opening larger than that, additional extensions can help you make the gate fit an area as much as 196.5 inches. This means that you won’t have to limit yourself to only doorways and entrances, but seal off a huge area with only 4 additional extensions!

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The fact that the Dreambaby Magnetic Sure-Close safety gate can be trusted to close on its own is a matter of huge relief for parents and pet owners, especially the ones who are very careful about their family’s safety. Beside, this gate is made of metal, which makes it sturdy and strong.

The gate can be pressure mounted, if you are not particularly fond of drilling holes into your walls or woodwork. At the same time, it can be hardware mounted, which reduces the possibility of it becoming loose or slide off the wall.



There are at least 2 very intricate latches at work in this gate, which can sometimes make it harder to open, especially if you are in a hurry or have a load on your hands. There has also been some complaints of the locks coming loose after several months of heavy use, but that is not in every case.


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