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Best Baby Gate For Bottom Of Stairs

Best Baby Gate For Bottom Of StairsIt is important to ensure that your child cannot access the stairway by placing safety gates across the top and bottom of the stairway in your home.

Stairs are the most dangerous part of a house for young children.Installing safety  gates that are kept closed will reduce risk of falls.

You should install them at the stairway when your baby begins to move.  .

It is advisable to buy and fix a safety barrier  before your child can crawl since most babies can pull themselves upstairs even before they start walking.


Types Of Gates To Mount At The Bottom Of The Stairway

Hardware mounted safety gates are popular and the recommended choice for top and bottom of stairway for the reason that they are not removable even if your child leans on them.

These gates must be fixed into a structure or into a solid position for instance, between a banister and a wall or between a doorway.

There are installation kits available to easily mount in areas without a solid surface. These installation kits can be fixed on both sides of the gate or on one side depending on the circumstances of the area.

Some of the best hardware mounted gates available at are:
Dreambaby Retractable Black GateDreambaby Retractable Black GateMunchkin Extending Extra Tall and Wide Metal Gate WhiteMunchkin Extending Extra Tall and Wide Metal Gate WhiteDreambaby Retractable White GateDreambaby Retractable White Gate










Regalo Extra Tall White Gate

Regalo Extra Tall White Gate

This JPMA certified, PVC free, expandable gate is 35 inches tall and fits openings that are 32 inches to 53 inches wide.

It is easy to install and features secure and sturdy steel construction.It comes with hard rubber banister mounting system that fixes without any drilling that might damage your woodwork.

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It is a walk through design and allows for an easy squeeze of the latch so that adults can open without much effort.It also features technology that allows inward as well as outward smooth gliding of the gate when passing through.


Pressure mounted gates can also be installed at the bottom of the stairway at a position at the ground level that is not higher than the first stair.

Here are some of the best available online

Munchkin Wood and Steel Designer Gate Dark Wood/SilverMunchkin Wood and Steel Designer Gate Dark Wood/SilverKidco G15 WHITE 37-1/2 Inch Adjustable Child Safety GateKidco G15 WHITE 37-1/2 Inch Adjustable Child Safety GateMunchkin Auto-Close Metal Gate WhiteMunchkin Auto-Close Metal Gate White











Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru White Gate

Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru White Gate

This white walk through,pressure mounted gate can fit openings from 29 inches to 40 inches wide and is 31 inches tall.It features sturdy metal construction. It is very easy to mount and remove. It can also be screwed to the wall.

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It is designed with a lever style handle which allows for easy door operation that enables you to open and close with one hand.

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It has an extension that allows you to extend the gate.


Check out this video demonstrating the features

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North States Easy Close Metal Gate

North States Easy Close Metal Gate

This self closing safety gate opens freely in both directions. It is pressure mounted and measures 29 inches high and 28 inches to 31.5 inches wide.

It comes with 2 extensions included that allows you to expand the gate up to 38.5 inches wide. The extensions are very secure.

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The gate features metal construction that is heavy duty and durable. It has a triple locking system design that is easy to operate with one hand.

It is JPMA certified and available in white, bronze and burnished steel colors.



White Metal Munchkin Easy-Close Gate

White Metal Munchkin Easy-Close Gate

This steel sturdy gate is 29.5 inches tall and has an extension that allows it to be fitted in openings that measure 29.5 to 35 inches wide. It is pressure mounted though it comes packed with screws to allow you to mount it securely on the wall, if desired.

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The handle has a double locking system that is secure. An additional lock is fitted at the base for more safety. The walk through extra-wide door opens freely in both ways and also locks shut with just an easy push.Get a detailed review here.



Gates For Extra Wide Or Odd Shaped Area At The Bottom Of Stairs

If you have an odd shaped or extra wide area at the bottom of the stairs, here are some gates that have been designed for such areas. These angle mounted gates have been designed to allow you to fit them where installation points are not lined up in a straight line, crosswise from each other. They are ideal for uneven, curved, irregular and wide spaces.

Kidco Auto Close Configure GateKidco Auto Close Configure GateAuto Close ConfigureGate Black 84 x 31 Auto Close ConfigureGate Black 84 x 31 Configuregate Gate - For Irregular OpeningsConfiguregate Gate – For Irregular Openings











Kidco Auto Close Configure Black Gate

Kidco Auto Close Configure Black Gate

This gate is easy to assemble and has an impressive steel heavy duty construction with a non-toxic finish. It is very adjustable with joints that freely rotate to match angled areas.

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It has a self closing feature, and an option that allows you to keep the gate open for an indefinite period until you push it closed. The extra wide door features a magnet lock technology that automatically helps to keep the door closed.

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It has 4 mounts that are attached into the wall or doorway and can also be removed easily.

It has a width of 84 inches and a height of 31 inches when mounted. Additional 9 inch and 24 inch sections are sold separately here and here to fit any desired shape or length.

Supergate Deluxe Decor Gate

Supergate Deluxe Decor GateThis gate measures 30 inches high and easily adjusts to fit openings of 38.3 inches to 72 inches wide.

It features sturdy metal construction with a matte bronze finish. It is hardware mounted.

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It has a walk-through single door with a stay open feature and double locking system that is child-proof.

You can position it in several angles using its adjustable hinges which allow you to tighten and loosen, in order to bend it whichever way you want it to go.




Superyard North States 3 in 1 Metal Gate

Superyard 3 in 1 Metal GateThis sturdy metal gate is an extra wide barrier that has 6 detachable and adjustable panels measuring 30-inches high with a walk through swinging panel. You can fix the panels as per your desired configurations.

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The walk through panel has a double-locking, child proof system.It comes with an included hardware for mounting. It covers a width of up to 144 inches and a height of 31 inches.This can also be used as a fireplace barrier.


Tips On How To Choose And Install Best Baby Gates For Bottom Of Stairs

Ensure you choose the right gate for your space. Pick one that is difficult for your child to climb over, no matter the age of your child.

During installation ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Before installation, check if you require to have any extensions, mounting hardware or installation kits in order to properly fix it.

Ensure you have the right tools to install such as tools for drilling holes in banisters or wall, a wrench for tightening bolts and screwdriver to install it into the wall.

Always close the gate behind you and always check that your baby is not trying to follow you.

Adults and children should not be allowed to climb on the stairs.

Do not hang toys on the gate as they do attract the attention of your baby. .

Keep them installed until your child is at least 2 years old. You can have it removed if it has become a hazard especially if your child is able to climb over.