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The Stair Barrier – Bannister to Bannister Indoor/Outdoor Gate

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If you live in a house with stairs than you too, like any other parents and pet owners – must always remain worried about them. Stairs can become the most dangerous part of a building if you are not careful, and the best way to eliminate any kind of staircase-related accident would be to invest in a good safety gate, like the Stair Barrier Indoor/Outdoor Banister-to-Banister Baby/Pet Gate.

This gate is especially made to use around the staircase – mostly for the bottom of the stairs – so that your baby or your pet cannot try to mount the stairs themselves when you are not looking. Keeping the gate closed when you are not around will keep your baby and pet away from the treacherous steps of the staircase and you won’t have to worry about any accidents.



The Stair Barrier Banister-to-Banister Gate is retractable, which means that the entire screen easily retracts into one side when you don’t need to use it. This means that during the times when you don’t need to gate to keep your baby or pet safe, you can just keep the screen retracted inside one of the sides without having to open and close it every time you use the stairs.

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This gate is made from weather-resistant fabric and available in an attractive black color which easily compliments your home’s décor and not clash with anything. It is easy to clean and wash – the fabric being resistant to water and dirt. The fabric is high-quality and grade-1; the buckles and plastic struts that come with the gate are also  sturdy and strong.


The Stair Barrier Indoor/Outdoor Gate stands to a height of 32 inches, which makes it impossible for small pets and your toddlers to open or pass through.

The gate – highly flexible – fits an opening from 36 inches to 52 inches, depending on how wide your staircase is. The gate is available in two sizes – the regular sized gate for a smaller staircase, fitting an area of 36-42 inches and the wide gate to fit a larger area ranging from 43 to 52 inches.


This gate is extremely easy to install and doesn’t require any drilling (unlike the Wall-to-Bannister gate), making it easier to store away when not needed for a long time without any permanent damage to your staircase. The gate can also be mounted on an angle, if that’s what you need in your house.

If and when your baby is sleeping or confined to another part of the house and you don’t need to keep the stairs closed off, the gate can be retracted to one side to give your hassle-free movement. This is one feature of the Stair Barrier Gate that all parents appreciate.


If you need to use the stairs every few minutes inside the house, it might be quite a hassle to buckle and unbuckle the gate every time, making it a waste of time. Also, this gate can only be used at the bottom of the stairs, and not on doorways or hallways.


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