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Munchkin Loft Aluminum Infant Safety Gate

When you are looking for a safety gate that is extra strong so you won’t have to worry about the safety of your children, you need the Munchkin Loft Aluminum Infant Safety Gate in your house. A safety gate this is both attractive and effective, this would be the perfect gate to use in your house to block away rooms and stairs.

While many other safety gates available in the market is made of plastic or wood, the Munchkin Loft Aluminum gate is made from aluminum, making it sturdy and strong, as well as a pleasure to look at


The Munchkin Loft Aluminum gate is made of sturdy metal that will blend easily with home, especially if you are fond of modern designs. It is a hardware mounted gate that needs to be fitted to the wall, making it a part of your home. Made from aluminum, this gate is sleek and won’t disturb the natural harmony of your décor, and is silver in color. You can use it anywhere around the house – in doorways, hallways, at the bottom of the stairs, or to close off balconies and terraces.

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The Munchkin Loft Aluminum Safety Gate is 30.5 inches in height, which makes it almost impossible for your young children to climb or go over it, no matter how much they try to. The gate fits an opening from 26.5 inches to 40 inches, enabling you to seal off any small or large doorways as well as hallways and entrances. Besides, two separate spacers – each 0.5 inch in length – are included with the kit to help you extend the gate to a full 40 inches, if that is the area you want to close off to your children.


This safety gate is long enough for you to use anywhere in the house, as well as easy to use – for you, not for the children. The gate can be swing open any way you want it to for ease of moving around, but fixed with a lock that is too complicated for your toddler to understand. The lock can be put into motion by a push only, but can only be opened when you know the mechanics to it – which makes it impossible for your younger children to work out.

Moreover, the lock is incorporated into the gate so that it doesn’t stand out, giving the Munchkin Loft Aluminum Safety Gate a sleek finish that many other safety gates lack.



The Munchkin Loft Aluminum gate needs to be mounted on both sides with screws fitted into the wall; this means that if you want to use this gate at the top or the bottom of the stairs, you would need to buy additional attachments for the banisters.

Besides, there is no spring inside the gate that makes the door automatically shut after you pass. You have to give it a little push to shut the gate, and if you forget, it means that the gate will remain open.


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