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Summer Infant Pop ‘n Play Portable Playard

Love to travel but worried about your toddler’s enjoyment and safety at the same time? If it was up to you, you would rather spend all your free time at the beach or at picnics, or just outside in the yard? But what would you do to make sure your baby is happy and safe when you are out enjoying yourself? Especially for you, the Summer Infant Pop ‘n’ Play – a portable playard that you can take with you anywhere!

Be it to the beach or to your country home, or just for a brunch outside, now your toddler can enjoy the day with you, close to you, comfortable and safe inside their playard, without you having to go inside the house to check on them every now and then.


Extremely lightweight and easy to carry with you anywhere, the Summer Infant Pop ‘n’ Play Portable Playard is just what you need! It is suitable for use both inside and outside, so you don’t have to invest in two separate playards for your child.

The entire playard stands on its own and is portable; it comes with a carry bag that makes it easier for you to include the playard in your luggage. You can keep it separate for special outdoor occasions – fully stored and folded, or use it regularly inside the house as well as use it for excursions.

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The Summer Infant Pop ‘n Play Portable Playard stands at 26 inches high so that your growing toddler can peep over it but not climb it when you are not looking. The playard covers an area of 14 square feet and is 48 inches wide in all sides, giving your child – or multiple children – ample space to play, sleep or rest.

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The playard comes fully assembles so that you won’t have to go into the trouble of wasting time to assemble it. The metal surrounding the body is flexible and can be easily folded when you want to store or carry it. It doesn’t take more than seconds to fold or unfold the playard in case you are in a hurry.

The fabric surrounding the playard is mesh and see-through that gives you the chance of checking on your baby whenever you want to without having to get up or come over. Besides, the flooring of this product is made from canvas paper that is weather resistant; this means that you can set the playard on wet grass without having to worry about your child catching a cold.


Conssummer - 2

The sides of the playard is made from foldable metal and soft mesh, which means that if a slightly older child tries to stand up or climb over, the playard would probably topple over. Besides, the flooring of the playard – although water resistant – is very thin, and might be uncomfortable if the baby wants to rest when you are on uneven terrain. For this problem, an additional play mat might be required.


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