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Pavlov’z Toyz Electronic Interactive Activity Baby Playpen


Pavlovz-4The Electronic Interactive Activity Baby Playpen – a product of Pavlov’s Toyz – will surely be one of your child’s favorite places to play and spend their time the moment that they first experience it. With its blue and white walls, this particular playpen is attractive as well as interactive, and will do wonders in enhancing your baby’s learning skills and concentration.

Pavlov’s Toyz brings to parents this spectacularly interactive playpen that has a large number of toys and features to play with, which will keep your child busy for hours, enjoying themselves in the safety of its sturdy and strong walls.


Made of plastic, the Electronic Interactive Activity Baby Playpen is blue and white in color and suitable for babies of both genders. Beside the colorful walls that a younger child can enjoy looking at, there are a number of toys attached to the walls that they can play with, including a mirror, a dial-up phone, plastic gears, a clock with hands that tell the time, and matching sounds with pictures.

The playpen also has some electronic features; melodious sound is played from the interactive panel that your baby will definitely enjoy a lot. There are also a number of cutouts that the baby can peek through if they get lonely, or which they can use if they are ready to try to sit up or stand.

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This product is 40.8 inches X 4.8 inches in dimension and 19.5 inches in height, making the space inside just right for your child to play, sleep, sit or lie down. The playpen will accommodate not only your child, but toys and books to keep them company, or a blanket if it is cold. The height too, makes it easier for them to support their weight while trying to sit or stand up.


The Electronic Interactive Activity Baby Playpen is made of sturdy plastic and is easy to clean with soap and water. It is easy to put together, and can be very quickly dismantled if needed. It is light in weight and can be carried off from one place to another easily. The size is just perfect for your child as well as their favorite toys, and the product is surely to last a long time for several children of the same family to enjoy and play with.

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According to some reviews by users, the light weight of this particular playpen makes it easier for a child to shift the barriers, when they are trying to stand up with its support. However, this problem is more acute on hard floors, and can be minimized by placing the playpen on carpets or rugs.

Besides, babies have been known to be able to slide off the entire playpen from one place to another, which can be a problem for some. Again, this problem can be solved if the playpen is placed on a shaggy carpet so that it will be not so easy to move.


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