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Summer Infant Custom Fit Walk-Thru Gate

If you have a large house, or if the openings between your rooms are huge and uneven – with unparallel walls and corners – the Summer Infant Custom Fit Walk-Thru Gate is just what you need to assure safety for your infants and toddlers.

This gate, with long extensions that cover a wide area, can be used in any portion of the house – inside or outside – to keep children and pets safe out of harm’s way.


For dividing two rooms, or to close of a specific area from your children’s reach, i.e. the garage, the swimming pool or the kitchen, or to fit uneven areas – the Summer Infant Custom Fit Gate is the perfect choice for parents and homeowners.


Made of a combination of metal and white mesh fabric, this gate is useful as well as stylish. The tan and white color arrangement blends easily with any décor, and doesn’t clash with the theme or stand out. The gate is a hardware mounted one, and guarantees sturdiness and security. It is easy to install and easy to handle, with a lock that takes a one-hand operation. The doorway swings both way, making it easy to commute between the rooms easily. The lock is childproof but easy for an adult to handle.

The extra-wide Summer Infant Custom Fir Walk-Thru Gate makes it really easy to create a barrier between two rooms with a large opening, or divide a large room into two parts. It is also useful to barricade of a certain portion of the house or a room from the baby, such as a fireplace, a television or entertainment system, or the Christmas tree during the holiday season.

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Using all the extensions, it is also possible to create a large play area for the children, inside or outside the house. Besides, instead of using this model as a safety gate, some parents use it to create a special corner for their children to play in – a small area that separates the playing zone from the rest of the room.


The Summer Infant Walk-Thru Gate fits an opening of 96 inches to 141 inches, and stands at 32 inches in height. As a playpen, it can cover an area of around 12 square feet, giving your children ample space to stay inside.

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For any uneven areas, unparallel walls or unsafe corner of the house, this gate is an ideal choice because of its flexibility and extension. It also has a stylish design that is attractive and blends well with any home décor.

Adults and parents can easily use the walk through gate to move easily, with a lock that can be operated with only one hand, leaving the other hand free. The hardware mounted method gives the gate a guarantee of sturdiness and security.


Even though the gate is pressure mounted, sometimes an adventurous and active child – because of using excessive force – can quiver the gate, making it lose. Even as a playzone, there has been some cases where the plastic hooks that connects two barriers together has come loose or broken down, creating a problem with the security of the children inside.


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