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Portable Pressure Mounted Baby Gates Ideal for Travelling

portable  baby gateIf you travel with your baby often, or if you spend a lot of time at your friends or relatives’ house, you will probably need to ensure you childproof every place you go.

Portable pressure mounted baby safety gates offers that solution and helps to create barriers in areas that are not yet baby proofed.

These safety barriers are not sturdy enough to handle protection at the top of the stairs, but does a great job blocking off other areas such as bottom stairway that you don’t want your child to have access to.

If you are at a family gathering, you can use these gates to block open arches, bottom of stairs or wide doorways. Their portability makes them ideal for travelling as you can just take them anywhere you need them.

They come in a variety of designs: there is the sliding design which has a wide base and can be opened out to fit doorways of different sizes, and there is the adjustable fabric types that works similarly. The sliding design is much sturdier but doesn’t accommodate wider openings compared to the adjustable designs that easily expand.

These barriers are light enough for easy mount between surfaces extremely far apart, yet sturdy enough to protect your baby. They are set up in a matter of seconds since they do not require any mounting hardware.

Here are some best rated portable gates available at

Wide Regalo Easy To Open Walk Thru White Gate
Regalo Easy Open 50 Inch Wide Walk Thru Gate - WhiteThis easy to open, walk thru wide gate is pressure mounted. It is 31 inches in height and extends to fit wide openings from 29.5 inches to 52 inches. It comes with a 12-inch and 6-inch extension kit

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It features portable, lightweight frame that packs flat so that it is easier to take it with you on your trip. It is easy to set-up and take down. It is safe for children and pets.


Evenflo Soft N Wide Gate

Evenflo Soft N Wide GateThis safety gate is ideal for travel. It has collapsible quick-fold sides for easy installation, removal and compact storage.

It is 27 inches high and expands to fit wide openings from 38 inches to 60 inches.

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It is easy and fast to move from different areas around the house. It is pressure mount and features fabric polyester mesh that can be machine washed.

The gate has tension rods at the bottom and top with rubber stoppers on the ends so that the gate is not easily pushed out of place or shaken.You should never install it at top of stairs.


Safety Wide Doorways Fabric Gate

Safety 1st Wide Doorways Fabric GateThis soft sturdy gate is secured by twisting the tension rods located at the top and bottom.

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The fabric mesh can be machine washed. It is 27 inches high and extends to fit wider openings from 38 inches to 60 inches.The edges are soft as to not scuff or scratch your walls when installed.

It is easy to set-up and take down. Easy to fold and take it anywhere .It comes with a travel bag included for easy portability and storage.

In addition to any other gates you have installed in your house, you should have one of these portable designs just in case you need a barricade quickly.