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Lascal Kiddy Guard Avant Retractable Child White Mesh Safety Gate Review

Lascal Kiddy Guard Avant Retractable Child White Mesh Safety GateThis Lascal Kiddy Guard Avant retractable child mesh  white safety gate comes in a modern, elegant and ergonomic design.

This model has special attributes that make it ideal for child proofing.

It can be fitted at stairs, in between rooms or at doorways up to 51 inch wide.

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It can be operated both manually and automatically.

It is hardware mounted and also very easy to mount.

This retractable gate features a metal housing and a strong polyester white mesh.

The gate shuts and opens easily and also collapses easily out of the way. The mesh rolls into the metal casing after use, for protection against dirt and other type of wear and tear as well as.

The gate features an automatic time lock which does allow time to open the gate to secure it properly before it locks again automatically.

When rolled into the casing after use, the gate is usually invisible and therefore does not cause trip hazard usually common with other gates.

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The gate is easy to operate. It is a one hand operation that gives parental control of toddler safety especially at the stairs.

It is a toddler proof catch design because the gate tightly locks in place whether in closed or open position and cannot be used as a play item.

It meets both U.S. and European safety standards.


The gate expands to secure door and stairway openings up to 51 inches wide. Height is 32 inches and weight is 7.5 pounds.

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This Kiddy Guard white mesh gate is rated positively concerning its features and functionality. It easily mounts and is available in an attractive, sleek design ideal for every house.

The gate works very well and easily blends into the house and you don’t notice it especially when open.It conserves space where you can fix inside the wall instead of mounting on the door jamb.retractable white mesh


Like any other product, this retractable child white gate makes a bit of noise when you close or open it. The best way is to unlock it before you pull it out or push it down and turn the lock first before pulling to ensure a quiet operation.

Consumer Ratings

According to the ratings available online, this white model has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. It is one of the most effective retractable gates for small spaces.

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