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The Stair Barrier – Wall to Bannister Signature Gate

Stairs are a source of constant worry for parents, especially if you have a toddler who has just learned to walk. Open staircases that your child can try and climb in moments of incautiousness can bring disasters in a matter of seconds, and the best step you can take is to install a safety gate. For particularly this purpose, the Wall-to-Bannister Signature Gate from The Stair Barrier is a favorite of many parents.

The Wall-to-Bannister Signature Gate is especially designed for the bottom of the stairs when you don’t want your children to try and climb the stairs when you are busy elsewhere. Installing this gate at the bottom ensures you your child’s safety and peace of mind.


One of the most important feature of this gate is, as the name suggests, that the Wall-to-Bannister Signature Gate can be installed in houses where the stairs are adjacent to the walls, i.e. where your stairs do not have banisters on both ends to attach the gate to. Stylish in gray, this gate blends extremely well with any décor and won’t appear random in your house.

Made from class-1 fabric of upholstery grade, the screen is easy to clean and does not gather dust very soon. The gate also contains webbing of heavy polypropylene and struts that are plastic, all included with the gate. There are release buckles for both side of the gate so that you can open the gate from any side that you want while using the stairs.

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The Wall-to-Bannister Signature Gate stands at 32 inches high and can be extended from 36 to 42 inches, depending on the width of your staircase. The buckles available with the gate works with different types of columns, volutes and banisters, making it easier for you to use no matter what type your house is.


The gate is easy to install and only requires the minimum of drilling, that too on one side. All the drilling that would be necessary would be on your wall, so that your banisters do not come to any harm. Installation can be over in a matter of minutes so that it can be done by anyone, at anytime.

The Wall-to-Bannister Signature Gate is also extremely easy to use with one hand when the other one is busy. More importantly, it is possible for you t
o keep the screen retracted into one side when you don’t need to use it. The screen will gently retract into one side and keep out of sight while you move up and down the stairs effortlessly and without hassle.


The screen with the Wall-to-Bannister Signature Gate is solid and does not allow a peep to the other side. As a result, you would always need to be extra careful in moving around the gate so that you don’t step on something. Also, since the gate needs to be drilled into the wall, it is impossible to move it around to use somewhere else.


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