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Discover The Best Retractable Baby Gate:Ultimate Comparison Guide

RETRACTABLE BABY GATEOne of the ways to baby proof your home in order to make it safe for your child is to make use of a retractable baby gate.

Instead of removing or swinging out like others, choosing a gate that retracts when not in use is usually a great option for many parents.

This design is best for placing on those areas that require to be accessed easily and often.

Gates are safety accessories that are great for use when you need to block off rooms that you do not want your baby to have access into, in order to keep them safe and away from dangerous places such as the kitchen where there are knives,hot stoves and much more.

Blocking the bottom and top of your stairways is also a requirement for every home in order to avoid falls especially down the stairs.

Each gate has its own dimensions and design that may work or not work with the area that you intend to fix them.

They come in different sizes and shapes and are made of different materials.Most are designed for use from age of 6 months to three years of age.

Some of them come in stretchable material that makes them ideal for wide doorways and open spaces especially where a standard-sized gate cannot cover the distance.

Choosing the best will depend on your own preference, certain features that you need to take into consideration including the price that fits within your own budget.

Top 2 And Best Buy

Dreambaby Retractable Baby Gate, White

Dreambaby Retractable Gate, White

This is one of the most popular retractable gate for use both indoors and outdoors.It is available in black and White colours.

It is hardware mounted,lightweight,easy to install and fits both wide and narrow openings up to 55 inches.

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You can use if for hallways,doorways and stairs.

It is made of durable and sturdy mesh. When not in use,it is easy to retract out of the way. Read a detailed review here.

Check out the following video discussing its features.

If you prefer to mount it at a space with a baseboard you can buy a Spacer Kit here that will fit almost all baseboards. Get an Adaptor Panel  if you intend to install it on a flat surface, either on the banisters or  stair posts.

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Lascal KiddyGuard Avant Black Mesh
Lascal Kiddyguard Avant GateThis attractive Lascal KiddyGuard Avant mesh gate comes in an elegant and modern design that complements any home.  It features both automatic and manual operation.

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Among its many unique features is updated locking system and delayed release button which enhances safety and functionality.

It can be fitted at the doorways, top of stairs or other openings up to 48 inch wide.It is easy to install,is hardware mounted and very easy to retract.

Available also in white color.Read a comprehensive review here


Check the video discussing the KiddyGuard Avant mesh features

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One of the advantages of using these retractable gates that can be extended and pulled back is the fact that they are convenient for use on both narrow and wider openings. You can use them on stairs, outdoors, corridor, hallways, between rooms or any other needy area.

They easily retract away, getting out of the way when not in use to help create again an open space.

They are great space savers because of their unique retractable design when not in use, ideal especially when extra space is required.

The following is an interactive chart comprising a list of the best retractable baby gates including their specific features discussed, to help you decide on the best according to your needs.

Comparison Guide On Top Rated Gates Available At

Brand name/Picture

Width in
Height In
In pounds
Dreambaby Retractable White Gate

Up to 55343.5$$3.6
Lascal Kiddyguard Avant Mesh
Upto 4840.57.6$$$4.4
White Lascal Kiddy Guard Avant Gate
Upto 51327.5$$$4.4
Retractable KiddyGuard Avant Baby Gate
Up to 51327.4$$$5.0
Black Retractable Safety Gate
Up to 55343.5$$4.0
Lascal Kiddyguard White Accent Gate
4038.46.7 $$$5.0
Bindaboo B1136 Retractable Gate - White
up to 553112$$$4.0
Kiddy Guard Avant Retracting Child Safety Gate
up to 4832$$$N/R
Set of 2 Dreambaby Retracting Gate
Up to 5534$$$N/R
Set of 2 Black Mesh Lascal KiddyGuard Avant

Up to 4840.5$$$N/R
Set of 2 White Mesh Lascal KiddyGuard Avant
Up to 4840.5$$$N/R

Included are 7 columns:

  • Brand Name/ Picture
  • Overall Width measurement covered by the gate in Inches
  • Height in Inches
  • Weight In pounds
  • Price
  • Rating – The average consumer rating on to help you to decide if other parents are satisfied with their purchase.

How To Choose The Best Retractable Baby Gate

You will agree with me that no matter how careful you think you  are, you baby will definitely at one time crawl, walk or roll out of your sight to experiment with the stairs or maybe try to explore other areas such as the kitchen that you may not allow access.

So how then do you choose the best in order to keep your child safe?

Here are some factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing the right type.

Type of Mounting

It is important to ask yourself what type of mounting would you like to go for. There are two types of mounting: hardware mounted and pressure mounted.

Hardware mounted are those that require you to mount them onto walls, between wood framed doorway or between a banister. Fixing them is done with the use of installation kits plus screws in order to secure and support their weight .These type is usually difficult to install, may leave marks on your walls, but feels more secure when compared to other types. There are more permanent designs ideal for long term areas such as top of staircases.

Pressures mounted are popular since they use pressure for mounting instead of hardware.  Their set- up is thus easy, same as taking them down. You can mount them anywhere you want, moving them from one doorway to another. Most of these pressure mounted types have sides that do expand to fill your doorways, others have cushioned pads that usually press against the surface in order to create a great fit .They are adjustable to allow for a firm fitting. These are mostly ideal for bottom of stairs, blocking off rooms and hallways.

Area that you require to fix the gate

Determine the specific area that you would like to fix the gate. For example if it is the top of a staircase. It is advisable to choose a more secure type of mounting, which will remain firmly in place, especially when your baby leans, climbs and bangs on it.

The dimensions of the opening that you intend to fix the gate

You need to take into consideration the width and height of the area that you want to block, in order to be able to pick the right size that will securely fit the area. If for example you want to secure your stairway, it is important to make sure that the height of the gate will not be higher than the handrail.

In addition, you need to consider if you will require to keep removing your gate in case you have guests or any high traffic. Choosing a pressure mounted option that can be removed or retracted easily is a good option.Best Retracting Safety gate

Material, Construction And Design

These safety accessories are available in different materials such as wood, fabric, plastic mesh among others. It is important to avoid designs that may entrap your child’s head.

It is advisable to choose one with vertical slats and bars. If you choose to have a gate with vertical bars, ensure the spacing between the bars is not too wide. At least not more than two inches apart to avoid a situation where your child may end up entrapping their head or putting their foot between the slats. Avoid designs with horizontal bars that will help your child to climb over leading to falls.

Ensure the corners are smooth and safe to avoid any injuries.

If you want to see through the gate, then you can choose one with clear panels.

Consumer Reviews

If you find a gate that you are interested in, check and read what other parents did like or did not like about that specific barrier to help you make an informed choice.


These gates are available in different prices and no matter how tight your budget is, you will definitely find one to fit within your own budget.

Special Tips When Installing And Using A Gate

Follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions to ensure secure installation.

Your child should be supervised at all times. These gates when installed should not deprive your child of  the required adult supervision.

Ensurewhat you choose for top stairs is recommended for that specific area and one that is hardware mounted for adequate firmness.