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Summer Infant Multi Use Gate


If you are one of those people who are always worried about safety, and somehow the idea of plastic gates for the safety of your precious bundle of joy doesn’t seem to be enough, the Summer infant multi-use Walk-Thru Gate is exactly what you are looking for!

This stylish, easy-to-install and use baby safety gate is a must-have for the safety of your family, a beautiful addition to your home, and a sturdy safety device that you can rely on for years to come.


Unlike most other baby safety gates that are made of plastic, the Summer Infant Walk-Thru Gate is metal, or to be more specific, made of brass. It can be used anywhere in the house, as a divider between rooms, to the top or bottom of the stairway, or at the gateway to the driveway or the pool. It is based on a one-hand open-and-close operation, and features auto-closure technique, leaving you free to carry your child.

The Extra-tall feature of this gate makes it possible to be used for older children, when they are well beyond the age of crawling and sitting, as well as for small pets who are accustomed to high jumps.

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The gate also opens in both directions so that your movements around the house are not restricted or compromised.


The Summer Infant Walk-Thru multi-purpose gate fits an opening that is 24-48 inches wide, and is perfect for any entrance or exit within and outside the home. The gate is also 36 inches in height, making it secured for older toddlers who can walk and small pets who love to go outside.

Summer infant multi use gate


Made of brass, the Summer Infant Walk-Thru gate is the sturdy and secured option that many parents prefer over available plastic safety gates. The wonderfully rich brass-colored gate blends in perfectly with the other exotic furniture in your house, making the gate look like a beautiful part of your house.

This gate comes with both a pressure-mount and a hardware-mount option, both extremely safe for your children and pets. The pressure-mount option can be used in between rooms without the risk of any mark or scratch to your beautiful walls, whereas the hardware-mount option is perfect for some riskier parts of the house, such as the top of the stairs, or at the gateway to the swimming pool.

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The multi-use Walk-Thru gate comes to you from the makers of Summer Infects, a company that has, over the years, brought to parents and expecting-parents thousands of baby products that have been held to the highest standards of durability, stability and integrity and safety. It is a brand that millions of people all over the world believe in.


Since the gate is actually made of metal, it may be a little heavy for some people to use, and a one-person installation may proof to be difficult. Also, being brass, the gate will require more maintenance than other safety gates available.

Ratings and Price

The Summer Infant Walk-Thru gate has been rated 4.5 out of 5.00 by satisfied customers and is priced at $53.93. See more details Here

If you are looking for a sturdy option for safety gates, this is the perfect product for you, definitely!

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