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Evenflo easy walk thru gate

Evenflo Easy Walk-Thru Gate


When scrounging the market for a sturdy and secured safety gate for your infant, toddler or even your pets – the Evenflo Easy Walk-thru gate will definitely catch your eye. A stylish design, sleek metal structure fitting a wide opening anywhere inside and outside the house this safety gate is a must-have for your family members and your beloved animal friends.

The Evenflo Easy Walk-Thru gate is perfect for families and parents to keep your children and animals safe from household dangers and restricted areas such as the kitchen, open balconies or swimming pools. Built of a strong metal structure, with a one-hand operation, this gate is easy for adults to use but impossible for toddlers and pets to figure out.


A unique feature of this gate is a visible and highly efficient red/green light indicator that will tell you, in a single glance, whether the gate is securely locked or not. This feature is extremely handy when you are moving around the house, busy with your chores.

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A simple pressure handle is all you need to squeeze when opening the door – a mechanism that will take you the fractions of a second but will give your toddler difficulty understanding. Closing the gate is easy too – only a slight push of the hand will do the trick!

The gate swings open in both directions so you won’t have to restrict your movements to one side of the traffic, either.


The Evenflo easy walk-thru gate fits an opening of 32 inches; with extensions available with the gate, the length of the gate could be extended to 35.5 inches. The gate is also 39 inches in height and 2 inches in breadth.


This gate is easy to install and requires no additional tools for the job. It provides a pressure-mount installation system that can be done with by a single person.

The red/green light indicator is highly practical as it makes it easier for busy parents and family members to instantly know if the gate is locked or not. An easy both-way swinging door is extremely easy during demanding moments in the house.

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Evenflo Easy Walk-thru gate

The metal structure of the safety gate makes it secured for children and pets anywhere in the house, as well as outside. The simple styling of the product makes it easily adjustable to any types of interior inside homes.


Even with the extension available, the Evenflo easy Walk-thru gate is rumored not to perfectly fit an area that is bigger than 33 inches and smaller than 35 inches.  Some customers have also been known to comment that an older toddler can very easily figure out the technique to open the gate, and hence, fail its main purpose.

This gate is not suitable for use at the top of the stairs as it is a pressure-mount gate and can be strike down by an older child or a big pet.

Ratings and Price

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This is one of the most stylish and easy-to-use safety gates available in the market, and a favorite of many parents and families.


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