Carlson extra wide pet gate

Carlson 0930PW Extra-wide Walk-thru Gate
For all those animal lovers out there, who usually have an array of pets trailing you in your home, now comes the perfect pet-safety gate that can meet the needs of all your animal, the bigger ones as well as the small ones – the Carlson 0930PW Extra-wide Walk-thru gate (with pet door!).

If you need that one safety gate in the house that can guarantee the safety of your bigger and smaller pets, as well as your toddlers and infants, then this is the one gate that you need!

Evenflo easy walk thru gate

Evenflo Easy Walk-Thru Gate


When scrounging the market for a sturdy and secured safety gate for your infant, toddler or even your pets – the Evenflo Easy Walk-thru gate will definitely catch your eye. A stylish design, sleek metal structure fitting a wide opening anywhere inside and outside the house this safety gate is a must-have for your family members and your beloved animal friends.

The Evenflo Easy Walk-Thru gate is perfect for families and parents to keep your children and animals safe from household dangers and restricted areas such as the kitchen, open balconies or swimming pools. Built of a strong metal structure, with a one-hand operation, this gate is easy for adults to use but impossible for toddlers and pets to figure out.

Regalo Easy-Open White Super Wide Walk-Thru Gate Review

Regalo Easy Open 50 Inch Super Wide Walk Thru Gate


This Regalo Easy-Open 50-Inch White Super Wide Walk-Thru Gate is just what you need to keep your precious bundle of joy safe from the dangerous area inside your house. This is easy to install and remove.

It is a walk-through gate perfect for your toddler.

The 100% steel construction gives extra strength and durability and provides the peace of mind you need when it comes to the safety of your child.

Safety 1st Lift, Lock And Swing Gate Review

Safety 1st Lift, Lock And Swing Gate


The Safety 1st Lift, Lock and Swing Gate is just what you need to keep your kid safe and secure.

This sturdy and easy to use child proof gate is one of the best safety barriers that you can use the moment your kid starts to crawl or walk.

Instead of having to worry all the time thinking how to prevent your child from falling down the stairs, or from reaching the kitchen, use a sturdy barrier, to keep your child safe and calm.

Top Rated Extra Tall Baby Gates

Dreambaby Extra Tall Swing Closed Security Gateextra tall baby gateAn extra tall baby gate is usually a little bit different compared to any standard design because of the extra height, though they usually serve the same purpose as the others.

They will help keep your large pets such as cats and dogs out and your baby confined in a safe environment.